Saturday, June 7, 2008


A simple twist of fate
And opportunity that fell into my hands
-- The Princess's Escort, Justin Gildow

Here was my opportunity to find out about the other wagon. I walked over to help out the soldier, hoping to sneak a peak inside as well. I stood next to the cover, leaning over to try and look inside as I held the lantern.


HomoDM said...

From her position, Laurie is able to see that the "supply wagon" carries what looks like a large boulder. There is something strange about it, appearing to be made out of some dull metal.

fishofdeath said...

"I think you'll get better light from up here." Laurie climbs up onto the wagon.

HomoDM said...

"Thanks," Mason says.

Now that she is closer to the strangely pitted boulder, Laurie notices that it is a little bit rusty. It must be made of iron.